Delivery Partner App

Shoopy Platform provides different apps to ensure that you get best experience when using the platform. So far we have

Shoopy Business App

Shoopy business app is the main app to start your business in Shoopy platform. You need to register your store here to get started.

Shoopy Web App

Shoopy web app is counter part of business app made for bigger business who want to enjoy Shoopy platform from their laptop or desktop. You don’t require separate registration to access the web app

Delivery Partner App

Delivery partner app is dedicated to the delivery boys which are hired by store owner for local deliveries. So if your business is PAN India and you are using third party logistics then you may not need it.

To access the app, you first need to add delivery boy from Shoopy Business App or Shoopy Web App. Delivery boy will get login instruction in form of SMS.

8 Small Business Ideas with No Capital in Hyderabad

Hyderabad businness idea

Hyderabad is the largest city in Telangana state and is the largest contributor to state taxes as well. The city is not only known for heritage structures like Golkonda fort and Charminar but also for its amazing IT corridor.

Additionally, the presence of offices and headquarters of big companies like Google, Deloitte, KPMG, etc. make this city an excellent place to start your business. But wait, are you confused about what to start with? Do you want to start a business with low investment? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

You will find amazing and unique small business ideas in Hyderabad. Go through the list of ideas and bring your business online with Shoopy to reach a wider set of customers.

1.    Car Rental Business

Hyderabad has many tourist attractions and the ruins of Golconda were visited by almost  527 thousand people in the fiscal year 2021. Yes, a whopping number, right?

It is plausible that starting any service that helps the tourists is a great option in Hyderabad and what’s better than easing their travel with your car rental services?

Yes, there are big competitors in the market like Uber and Ola, but if you strategize smartly, you can use them to your advantage. Otherwise, you can also attract more customers by providing better deals, better service and better turnaround time.

2.    Recruitment Firm

In Hyderabad, there is a high demand for qualified workers, particularly in the IT and pharmaceutical industries. However, the process of hiring requires a lot of time, expertise and money and it is not possible for firms to find the best-suited candidate every time. That’s exactly when a recruitment firm comes to the rescue. Recruitment agencies make it easier to select the best candidate for the job by simplifying the process of reducing the pool of qualified candidates.

So, if you are adept at networking, you can establish a recruitment company that will give you good profits.  You can also make your firm available online for candidate registrations and other processes with Shoopy.

3.    Teaching Supply Agency

Hyderabad has the highest number of schools in the state and quality education is the primary motive of these schools. And quality education is incomplete without a good set of mentors or teachers. However, hiring capable and worthy teachers is no less than a chore these days and schools could definitely use some help in this case.

You can grab this opportunity to build a network of schools and teachers. And then open an agency that caters to the teacher recruitment needs of these schools. This agency will not only help the schools but also help the teachers and you can charge money from both for your services.

4.    Online Grocery Store

The demand for kitchen supplies and daily essentials is never going to end. So, you can open a grocery store in your area and provide items that other shops usually don’t provide. Additionally, you can offer to deliver to nearby societies or houses.

A smart way to go about it is to open your store online as well with the help of Shoopy. This way you can focus on your offline store without having to worry about picking up delivery enquiry-related calls.

5.    Online Booking for Makeup Services

This business idea is for people who either have an interest in the beauty industry or already have the required skills.

There is a different sort of pleasure in getting ready from the comfortable corners of your home. Even though lockdown is over, some people still prefer to get the parlour at home. So, you can grab this opportunity and start offering your freelance make-up services online via Shoopy.

You will need only a small budget to start this business and you can expand according to the growth.

6.    Photography Services

Social media has multiplied the craze of getting good pictures clicked. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, without good pictures it is just incomplete. Additionally, people want their pictures to stand out and are willing to pay well for finely edited pictures.

So, it is a great idea to start a photography agency that is a one-stop destination for all customer needs. Be it a pre-wedding shoot, a birthday bash, portfolio pictures, or travel pictures, your agency must cover it all. Provide good quality images and charge extra for the edits.

You can also offer your services online using Shoopy and let people make their reservations online.

7.    Handloom Startup

Hyderabad is also known for its Warangal durries, silk and sico sarees, gadwal cotton, Narayan pet cotton, and other textiles. This industry showcases the outstanding abilities of professional weavers who are well-known throughout the nation. Hence, it is a good idea to open a handloom store of business that represents the culture of Hyderabad.

This business will do well both online and offline because the city is a tourist attraction.

8.    Hyderabadi Biryani Outlet

A visit to Hyderabad is incomplete and meaningless without having Hyderabadi biryani. And as much as the tourists love this exquisite delicacy, the people of Hyderabad do too. So, it is an excellent business idea and you can offer unique services to stand out in the market. For example, you can offer delivery services for tourists who cannot manage time to go to an authentic outlet.

Additionally, you can make your store available online to have a competitive edge over others.

Summing Up

Hyderabad is a busy city and that makes a plethora of business opportunities available to enthusiastic entrepreneurs like you. So, now how well you leverage these many opportunities depends on you and your creativity.

And now that we have made your task a bit easier, you must think of a way to make the best use of these unique ideas. Additionally, please do thorough research to understand whether you are fit for this business or not.Consider checking out our services if you intend to launch an online store. We offer simple solutions for making your store accessible online.

How to start an online grocery store?

Great, if you are reading this post. You have decided to do something different. The very first thing is find out why do we need to start selling grocery online.

Why to start online grocery store

For one moment forget that you are a seller. Ask few questions to yourself

Do you like doing online shopping sitting at home?
Do you like checking the price and waiting for right time to grab the deal?
Do you like returning the products which doesn’t fit well?

I guess you have got the answer. Online provides comfort, off hours shopping opportunity, competitive pricing. This is something can get you loyal customers. If you don’t provide this experience someone else will do. Companies such as Milkbasket, Bigbasket, suprdaily etc. Better you try it now.

Online Grocery Store

Must have features for grocery e-commerce stores

Easy of use

Any platform you choose, you need to to ensure that you understand the basics of it. Try exploring for 2-3 days.


Talk to their support team to see how they handle the boring questions. You can read the reviews in various platforms. Make sure that you understand paid and real reviews.


Pricing is very crucial part of decision making as there are many platforms available with very different pricing. You need to see what pricing is good with you assuming you find it easy to use. In case if you are first time running an e-commerce store then start more carefully.

Slot & Distance based delivery

Grocery store customers are usually local customers which a quicker delivery. Customer can’t wait for long else they might step out and buy themself from some other place. Your platform must provide slots such as morning (10-12 PM), afternoon (3-4PM) etc so that customer can make selection based on their comfort.

At times, if customer is at little distance, you can charge for the delivery based on how far they are rather than not taking the orders and tie-up with local delivery companies for delivery. This will add additional revenue. Make sure your platform provides such functionality.

Consumer App

Consumer app becomes important in frequent buying cases such as grocery. This provides customer faster access to the daily essential items. Apart from ease of access, you also get better control over your customers by sending offers and promotions to your customers directly.

Delivery App

Assuming you got initial success when running grocery store. It may become a nightmare to handle the deliveries. So before you signup for any e-commerce platform. You must ensure that it has delivery app in some plans if not in basic plans.

Apart from above distinct features, you also need to ensure that payment is settled quickly and various online payment modes are provided. You have been provided access to desktop and mobile app both so that your team can share the load once it starts growing.

Available Platforms


Bikayi being early to the market has many of the above features but they lack in delivery app and they are very very expensive. Do checkout their support responses as well before you makeup your mind.


Dukaan being slightly newer player in the space is providing many of the needed features such as consumer app (they don’t publish it), distance based deliver. They don’t have slot based deliveries but may provide some workaround. They don’t provide delivery app and pricing is just ok.


Talking about e-commerce apps/sites, we must use the reference with leaders like Shopify. They are no doubt leaders in e-commerce space. However they are very expensive and don’t offer many of the above features out of the box. You might have use some third party plugins. These plugins are really really expensive. I bet some of the plugins are so expensive that you can buy other listed platform subscription in the cost.


Shoopy provides very tailored solution to the grocery stores. Apart from features listed above such as delivery app, consumer app etc, Shoopy offers superb in-store operation support such as invoicing, inventory management etc. The best part is that the pricing is very affordable. You must try once before trusting this blog.

Download the Shoopy Business App (One Business One App).

Way Of Life – A successful e-commerce store

We’ll discuss one of the successful store (Way Of Life) in Shoopy Platform who is making revenue worth of lacs Rs. every month. To run a successful e-commerce store, you need to focus on only 4 aspects

  1. Product
  2. Brand
  3. Process
  4. Customer

If you can excel in these 4 areas, no one can stop you from being a successful entrepreneur in online business. This article will tell the store of way of life’s success.

Table of Contents


Way of life is mostly selling the fast selling items and fashion related items such as shoes, watches, perfumes. All these items requires you to get an authentic source so that you get best product at best price. The most important point to remember is to make a customer for lifetime. This only happens when your product is worthy of the price you are asking.


Remember you are competing with brands like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra etc. Your customers are also the same people who are buying from these platforms. You must make your policies similar to your competitor. It doesn’t matter how big or small he is. You must create your business name as grand as best companies in your space are. Way of life has been doing same since years. I have seen him accepting returns of used products or giving refunds.


Create a transparent process where customer is being updated for every small detail which impacts him. Be it delivery plan or any change in product or any change in warranty etc. Make sure that customer is always update.


Way Of life return & refund policies are crafted keeping customer at the center. Like review & rating, post delivery feedback and listening to their comments in all the platforms like YouTube, Facebook etc.

Mistakes may happen from anyone but the way you deal with it makes you a great company or person. Make sure that you don’t do the mistakes and if you do then fix them.

You can visit way of life here. This brand has been with us from more than 8 months now. We are supper happy that we got a video from him talking about Shoopy. You must watch it.

Advance Partial Payment in COD Orders

Shoopy provides variety of payment options like COD, Prepaid. As seller we always want to get advance payment but then there are first time users who won’t trust your store easily. To establish the trust, Cash on Delivery (COD) plays an important role. However this add to RTOs due to no initial commitment from customer side, In turns leading to business losses on such orders. Partial advance payment in COD is the solution.

Advance Partial Payment in COD
Partial Payment in COD

Solution is a midway of COD & Prepaid. You get initial token money in the start and remaining at the time of delivery. As seller we can activate partial payment in COD orders based on percentage or absolute amount.

For example if you want to charge flat 150 Rs irrespective of order amount, you can provide 150 Rs in Min advance payment option. At times, we want our advance payment in percentage. In such case one can use the second option

Advance partial payment in COD

Let us know how advance payment is helping you in the business. Shoopy is the most trusted platform in India to create online Dukaan/store. You can download business app here.

Integrate Google Merchant Center

Google Search Ads Using google merchant Center

Google Merchant Center helps you in selling your e-commerce products in Google network. Your products will be it available for Shopping ads and other Google Services. After GMC (Google Merchant Center) integration your e-commerce site products will be shown like

Shoopy Provides seamless integration with GMC. GMC is available in Shoopy Desktop & Mobile platform. In this article, we’ll be discussing about enabling GMC using Shoopy Desktop. To activate Google Merchant Center, Navigate to App Store from left menu and then look for Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center in Shoopy App Store
Google Merchant Center in Shoopy App Store

Google Merchant Center Registration

Before we proceed further, let’s create one account in Google Merchant Center. You can create one by following the link

Follow the on screen instructions. Such as business address and country where you’ll be selling your products.

Google Merchant center registration
Google Merchant center registration

Now choose on my website as checkout option as we’ll be selling using e-commerce website you have created in Shoopy.

Sell using Shoopy website

At present Shoopy is not listed here. We are trying our best to be listed here. Given that it doesn’t matter as we have provided robust integration. For now leave this section

Follow the on screen instruction and complete Google merchant center registration.

Add business details

After successful registration, you’ll be logged into Google merchant center console. Provide business detail as asked in the very first section

Verify & claim website

To verify and claim your website, you need to provide your website link like as shown in the image below

Copy the text inside content as shown in red box

Note the content shown similar in your case. We’ll be needing this value in Shoopy business App. To use this value we need to install Google Merchant Center App in Shoopy Business App. After installing the app you will see something similar to the image shown below.

Enter copied value in Google Site verification ID

Copy the product feed url and paste it in your chrome or other browser window and press enter. This will prompt a download file action. Save this file with a name like product_feed.xml. We would be needing this file at later stage.

Set up Shipping

Follow the on screen instruction in Google merchant center site and complete shipping instruction on your own preferences.

Add Products

This is one of the most important step. You’ll see two options here.

  1. Add 1 product at one time
  2. Add multiple products at once

We need to select 2nd option here. Add multiple product at once. You’ll see option to upload a file. Upload the file product_feed.xml we got in above step. Once you upload this file if everything is done in proper order. You’ll see your product listed in Google Merchant center. Set language and option free listing option. Now you’ll see continue option. After pressing continue option, you can set this process as automated.

This will help you in syncing products automatically and you don’t need to upload the product file again & again.

Choose Schedule fetch

Press continue again now you’ll be asked to provide file location from where google will fetch the products at regular internal. You can provide product feed url provided in Shoopy google merchant center app in above step. Follow the on screen instruction and complete the process.

You have successfully setup Google merchant center feed. You can promote your product in google search platform just like shown above.

Let us know know your feedback about the google merchant center integration.

9 Unique Business Ideas to Start in Kolkata in 2022

Are you planning to establish a successful start-up in the financial capital of eastern India- Kolkata? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Here, we have brainstormed some excellent and unique business ideas to start in Kolkata for you.

Kolkata is indubitably one of the most developed, organised, and talent-rich cities of eastern India. Additionally, remarkable infrastructure, premier educational institutes like IIM Calcutta, and an international airport are just the cherry on the cake.

Let’s check out some interesting ideas and dive a bit deeper.

1.    Online Bengali Sweet Store

Bengali sweets are famous throughout the country for their uniqueness and taste. A person who comes to visit this majestic and culturally rich state will not want to miss out on these famous sweets.

However, not everyone has time to travel to the stores specifically for buying sweets. And that’s exactly when an online Bengali sweet store will come to the rescue. So, you can achieve a competitive advantage by using an online business to send these delicacies directly to their homes.

2.    Online Thrift Store

Thrift stores are on the rise now and many people are willing to reuse products if they are in good condition. So, plan in such a way that you receive a constant supply of used materials, be it clothes, books, or toys, to sell in your store.

One way is to buy the supplies from people who are willing to sell and then generate good profits by selling these items via your online store.

However, you will have to ensure to inspect the quality of every product before putting it on sale. Otherwise, your business’s reputation will be at risk.

3.    Tourist Guide Services

Kolkata has many tourist attractions like Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, and Howrah Bridge. However, there are also some places that aren’t too seen and aren’t too known but yet they are worth the visit. For example- the Chor Bazar, Dacres Lane, and Rabindra Sarovar Lake all have some great experiences to offer.

Sadly, tourists don’t have enough knowledge and miss out on these exquisite experiences. However, this problem can be easily solved with the help of local tourist guide services. These services will never go out of business in a city like Kolkata. So, it’s a great start-up idea and if you make your services available online as well, you will get more bookings.

4.    Online Bookstore

Bengal is the land of many talented writers who took Indian Literature to another level. Remarkable works of respectable writers like Rabindranath Tagore, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, etc. are still appreciated throughout the world.

Additionally, new talent flows through this land, and the people of Bengal are avid readers. Hence, opening an online bookstore that has a collection of Bengali classics along with modern works is a good idea.

5.    Online Fresh Meat Supply

Bengalis and their love for non-veg dishes are famous all over the world. And it goes without saying that fish is an integral part of every Bengali kitchen. Hence, it’s plausible that the meat consumption in Kolkata is quite high but there are very less stores that keep fresh meat. And lesser is the number of stores that deliver fresh meat at one’s doorstep.

So, opening a store that not only sells meat offline but also delivers it to nearby households is definitely a fantastic option.

6. Home-Based Online Bakery

If you are running on a tight budget or if you don’t want to invest too much in your business initially then a home-based bakery is the option for you. The return on investment in the bakery business is quite good provided the taste is good.

Additionally, with multiple options to sell your preparations online like Zomato, Swiggy, and Shoopy, you will be able to easily scale up your business with time.

7.    Online Dokra Metal Craft Shop

Dokra is a unique folk art of West Bengal which is used to create various contemporary sculptures. Additionally, this art form also attracts many tourists because of its beauty and intricateness. It looks unique and eye-catching which makes these sculptures perfect for décor.

Likewise, many other Bengali handicrafts are worth a lot of appreciation. So, you can open a store to represent and promote your culture via art to the tourists and other states as well.

8.    Online Plant Nursery

The love for indoor plants and plants, in general, has multiplied after Covid majorly because people found peace in gardening during the tough times. And now this has just become a beautiful part of their lives. Hence, opening an online nursery that sells every trending plant might be an excellent idea.

9.    Authentic Leather Product Store

Due to the general abundance of raw materials and trained labor, West Bengal is regarded as a center for leather products for both the domestic and international markets. Additionally, the 1100-acre Kolkata Leather Complex, called India’s largest integrated leather park, is a boost to the leather industry.

Hence, it is easier to design and make authentic leather products in Kolkata. You can do a bit more research, contact a few suppliers and analyze if you have the expertise to start such a business. And, if everything seems fine, you can open a store and sell authentic leather products both online and offline.

Summing Up

There are multiple opportunities in Kolkata that you as an entrepreneur can tap to generate good profits. You will have to dig a bit deeper to get proper details, understand your target audience, to know your weakness and strengths, but an idea is the first step.

And now that we have listed down some unique business idea in Kolkata, we hope your job will become a lot easier.If you are planning to open an online store or e-commerce store, then do check our services. We provide hassle-free ways to make your store available online. Download Shoopy App Now.

Best E-Commerce Platforms for Small Businesses in 2022

How Ecommerce Businesses Build Healthy Relationships With Customers
Best e-commerce platforms for small business in 2022

If you are thinking of kickstarting a new e-commerce business, choosing the right e-commerce platform is one of the most important steps in your journey to success.

With the rapid rise of e-commerce worldwide, more and more people now prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes, and India is no exception to this phenomenon. 

Several e-commerce marketplaces in India today are trying to make running an e-commerce business easier, faster, and more efficient, but a few stand out from the rest.

If you wish to know more about the best e-commerce platform in India, we have got you covered. 

Best E-commerce Platforms for Indian Businesses

1. Shopify

Shopify Features | G2

Shopify is one of the world’s most successful e-commerce platforms. Whether you’re a new business owner or a seasoned one, Shopify has everything you need to achieve success. Despite its popularity, however, Shopify is not perfect.


  • User-friendly and simple platform 
  • High-quality, beautiful templates to get you started 
  • Has its own Shopify app store with a variety of apps to enhance functionality 
  • Features such as unlimited products, flexible payment options, daily reports etc.
  • 24×7 support
  • Offers a 14-day free trial for new users


  • Only a handful of templates are available free of cost
  • Shopify plans tend to be on the expensive side
  • Most apps require you to pay an extra subscription fee
  • Not for the tech-savvy

2. Ecwid

Ecwid by Lightspeed is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that is ideal for anybody who is looking to integrate a fully functional online store into their existing website, social media business page, mobile application, blog and so on.


  • There is a free plan option for users who do not wish to subscribe
  • The paid plans are affordable and range from 700/- to 4990/- per month
  • With the Unlimited Plan, you can create your own iOS or Android application
  • Seamless integration with your existing website


  • A stand-alone website (for users with no existing website) that comes with only one page
  • With the free plan, you are restricted to just 10 products on your online store
  • No options to include product variants in the Free or Venture plans

3. WooCommerce


If you have a WordPress website and want to add e-commerce functionality, WooCommerce is the best option for you.

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin solution built on WordPress, which gives users a wide range of customisation options.


  • Free plugin for WordPress users
  • Feature-rich customisation tools and in-built payment options
  • No restrictions on products and product categories
  • You retain full control over your data


  • No stand-alone option to help you build a website
  • WordPress website is a must
  • Some extensions and plugins cost extra

4. Shoopy

Shoopy is India’s very own e-commerce platform, designed to help businesses run a successful online store, irrespective of size and scale of operations. It is an all-in-one e-commerce solution for all your needs and offers several exciting features, including your very own Android application.


  • One application for your online store, invoicing, accounting, and inventory management
  • Affordable pricing tailored for Indian sellers
  • Android app and delivery services app included with your e-commerce store
  • Mobile-first service with support for third-party integration
  • 24×7 support

In Conclusion

There are a lot of e-commerce platforms to choose from in India, but Shoopy’s uniqueness and all-round performance make it stand out from the competition.

From the first step of creating a personalised website to the final delivery of products, Shoopy supports you throughout the journey, making it the best possible option for Indian sellers looking to enter the e-commerce market or even those who are looking to improve their performance online.

Why do you need online store now

Why do you need online store now?

Thinking if you want to start your own online store? Will you be able to create and manage it?

Do you have similar questions in your mind? If the answer is Yes then continue reading this article. In case if answer is No, try reading it. May be this article changes your perspective.

1. Digital presence is need of the hour

COVID, cheaper internet and affordable technology has made commerce platforms accessible to everyone. Online platform may or may not help your business drastically but for sure it is going to leave a positive impact to your customers. It has been found in many surveys that making business online leaves impression of transparency and cheaper product prices. In case if there is reasonable cost and effort in setting up online store, you must try setup one. Good part is that many platform including Shoopy offers lifetime free online stores.

Online Store
Online Store

2. Reduces time wastage on mobile & WhatsApp

Chatting with customers on mobile

As a businessman, I remember wasting lot of time on mobile calls and informing about product prices knowing that customer may or may not purchases and at the same time customers at counter are waiting for call to be over. Or you might have been searching for products images and sharing it over WhatsApp again and again to your customers.

You might have noticed that many time such customers are not buying but doing window shopping. Reason could be related with the information to make the buying decision. What if you have website like and just share it over WhatsApp and let the customer browse the catalog.

This will reduce the distraction and saves important time.

3. Because your competitor is online

If your competitor is online then you must be online too. Be it Amazon or Flipkart, they are your competitor and you must fight at all the levels. A little comfort to the customer in any form can make them loyal customer for lifetime.

4. Because your customer is online

Everyone is on social media in one or other format such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok etc. They get influenced with their stars and influencers they follow. Customer get comfortable in doing online transaction and feel lazy in getting up and visiting stores. At present this change is not huge but this can be taken as signal for future ahead. Be ready with your online journey.

5. Reward customers based on purchase history

Everyone likes to be rewarded even if the value is nominal. Take examples of Cred or GPay. They don’t give huge rewards but only offer very small values like 5 Rs, 10 Rs etc. But they could attract many customers to their platform.

Gamify customers purchase with wallet points or offering freebies based on their purchase history. This will add some additional revenue and can bring back repeat customers.

6. Your store will be alway open

Physical stores must be shut at a regular time due to government regulations and your own capacity as well. This reduces your business hours. Contrary to this, online store is alway open and customer can browse or place order at off hours. Not only this increases revenue but it always gives you a loyal customers who can count on your online store all the times.

Tell us what do you think about starting your own e-commerce store. Download the Shoopy Business App and get your e-commerce store online in 5 minutes.

Collection in Shoopy Store

How to use collections in Shoopy Store

Collections is very important feature in all the online stores. Shoopy makes it super easy and fun to customise e-commerce store home screen using collections.

Collection in Shoopy Store feature is available on Shoopy Business App and can be accessed by visiting Home -> Grow Business -> Collections

What is collection?

As name suggests, collection is logical group of products displayed together in a style. Various business can have different collections. Typical collections for various categories

Fashion store collection

Grocery store collections

  • Breakfast essentials
  • Your Daily Staples
  • Most Popular
  • Best Sellers

Fashion store collections

  • End of Season Sale
  • Best of Beauty & Personal Care
  • Best of Clothing
  • Flash sale

We can find similar patterns in other business verticals like electronics, furniture etc. Adding products from different tags and category under one set based on sale, popularity or any other attribute is called collection.

Shoopy offers 5 different collections formats

Banner and products based

This type of collection has a small banner and list of products with “view all” option to open detailed listing. Suitable for the business/store where number of collections for more than 3 to 4. It saves prime space of your main screen while providing the business objective.

Banner and product based collection
Banner and product based collection

Multi-row product grid

Multi-row product grid collection

It will only have products displayed in multiple rows. We can configure number of products per row on mobile and desktop to provide a precise look we want. Usually we use this type of grid when we have limited products and total number of collections in the home screens are not many.

Single row product list

In situations where we have too many products and displaying in grid style doesn’t make sense. We can use single row product list. This collection also allows us to configure number of products to be displayed in home screen. Post that a scroll option will appear.

Single row product list collection

Banner only

Banner only collection

Banner only collection makes a lot of sense when we have some existing announcement to be made. With images we can make an impact in users mind. We can configure separate image for mobile and desktop users. Shoopy allows you to specify background color as well to ensure that images are not going out of the place with theme colors.

Mini banners

Mini banner is very special type of collection. I would rather say it’s “Collection of 3 collections” All the 3 collections will be lined up in a row with image only displayed in home screen. User can click and navigate to different collection from there. Cases where collections are very much related will be ideal use case of such collections.

Collection of Collections aka Mini banner

Apart from various collections types, Shoopy also provides you easy way to turn off a collection so that you don’t loose on your work and get it back when needed.

Tell us what do you think about Shoopy collection feature. Is it better than all the competitors our there in market like Shopify or Big Commerce or Dukaan If you haven’t tried the collection feature do try it. Download the Shoopy Business App and get started.